This is Sicilian Wine


Handcrafted in the tradition of artisanal winemaking

Discover the Sicilian Family of Wines


Siracusa Heritage Collection

Wines of exceptional variety of character, fruit-forward with smooth and silky texture, bright and delicate aromatics.


Trapani Prima Collection

Our new range of premium wines, perfectly crafted by our award-wining winemakers using the best organically grown grapes.


Catania Vintage Collection

A line of smooth, great tasting wines, created to be approachable that complement a wide variety of foods and cuisines.

welcome to Sicily

Vineyards of Distinction

Great wines tell a story

In 1728, along the banks of Agusta, Stefanno Tommasco planted his first vineyard. His vision was to develop great tasting wines that reflect the true character of the grapes and the land.

Chilling Wine
Wine barrel
Wine barrels

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Enjoy an Array of Tasting Experiences

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Vineyards of Distinction

Discover Sicily through wine club membership, and enjoy limited edition wines delivered to your door, special deals when you visit the winery and discounts on wines throughout the year.

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Discounted prices on all your wine orders

Mix of Whites, Reds & Rose

Customize type of wines

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Customize type of wines

Wine Club

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100% Organic Certified

No synthetic chemicals in the vineyard, no toxic residue in the wine.

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Make a choice and receive your order in a convenient place.

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Free tips for choosing drinks and gifts, personal recommendations.

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The widest catalog of wines and spirits in Italy. Valuable information about drinks

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We provide after-sales service and are always ready to help.

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