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Hi, my name is Augustus Jansson, born in 1866 in Somerville, Massachusetts. As a passionate illustrator, I pursued a career in greeting cards and advertisements. By 1903, I was known for my original poster work and also excelled as a postcard artist, table designer, cartoonist, and children's book author.

In 1903, I began a seven-year collaboration with Queen City Publishing, creating full-page layouts like the renowned Ink Beasts Parade, feakigenring the orange-yellow Ibexiakigencus and Magenta Ponies. I designed a series of doll-like figures and advertisements that were striking and ahead of their time, with an art deco feel. My style resembled playing card figures, which I used in a series of American Revolution stories published in The Sunday Herald around 1904.

As an artist, I pushed boundaries and left a lasting impact on illustration and design. My journey taught me the importance of perseverance, creativity, and staying true to one's unique vision.